Better, Faster, Cheaper

Do you want to improve your company, its processes or its products? Add value to your products and market propositions? Do you need to become more efficient? Reduce your time to market? We are your partner.

Are you looking for someone who can make a difference in devising a superior strategy? Do you need someone to take end-to-end responsibility for implementing it? Do you expect a hired expert to act as if he or she is on your own staff? We can help.

We take pride in our process, data and ICT knowledge. We understand the complexities of shipbuilding and maritime equipment company processes. We have a solid grasp of your products and services. And we know the impact of the organisational dynamics.

We understand how to manage innovation. We can harness the potential of ICT for your specific situation. We know how to run complex programmes with many stakeholders. We can make change happen.

Areas of expertise:
  • Process Optimisation & Re-Engineering
  • ICT Strategy & Implementation
  • Data Analysis and Migration
  • Programme Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Training & Coaching
  • Change Management

NBMC BV offers its services through Marstrat BV. Click here to get more information.